We offer management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.


Range & Pasture Management

Each property is unique in Montana, providing forage for livestock and animals that live here. Integrated pest management plans, customized to each individual property, are utilized to invigorate and sustain healthy pastures, forests and waterways.  Our trained experts will determine the safest and most economical way to maintain your property, to ensure long-term revitilization and maximum yields.

From leafy spurge to cheat grass, there is a myriad of threats to our open spaces, and each one requires unique management techniques.  We offer Integrated Pest Management planning in order to sustainably and effectively control any invader through coordination with the landowner or manager and can map infestations to aid in future prioritizing and planning.

Lawn and tree care


Short growing seasons, cold winters and hungry pests make the vitality of our lawns and trees a constant challenge for landscape managers.  Each property is carefully analyzed to determine the specific nutrition, pruning and maintenance requirements for the turf, shrubs and trees;   From soil pH adjustments to analyizing watering habits, it requires a knowledgeable eye and coordination with the property owner to maintain a healthy and vibrant landscape. Environmental stresses and maintenance techniques are all carefully monitored through the growing season and we stay in touch with you all along the way in order to meet your needs. 

Applicator Services


Our applicators are trained to provide the safest and most efficient means to control your pest problems:


Range & pasture weeds, GPS mapping and IPM planning

Agricultural pests

Home and office insect pest control and home barrier protection

Rodent pests

Lot and industrial sterilization

Aquatic weeds and pests

Tree and shrub insect pest control

Mountain pine beetle and other forest pests



Landscape design, installation and maintenance


Hardscape- walls, walks and patios; light accents, sealing and sanding

Plant design- xeriscaping, low maintenance, high yield, herb gardens and perennials

Maintenance- pruning and trimming to arboricultural specifications, weed, pest and disease control

Custom designs to your needs; Japanese gardens, water features and topiaries

Mowing & trimming services are subcontracted to honest, specialized industry partners at no cost to you



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