Galanti Lawn & Landsape is holistic landscape health care company.  Each property is individually assessed and prescribed an appropriate health care plan, from the lawn to the trees to the flower beds to the open spaces out back... Our committment to quality extends from the products we use, to the care and concern we take through the application processes and our interaction with you, the customer.  We will take the time to explain the how, where, when and why so you understand completely how you are receiving the best care in the industry!


Our turf fertilizer blends are composed of the highest quality, controlled-release blends, adjusted to the time of the season as the needs of the turf changes.  Our range & pasture products are guaranteed to control the weeds we identify.  And most importantly, we maintain a constant level of safety and respect for our environment.



Who We Are

Galanti Lawn & Landscape is the product of Chris Galanti.  A second generation landscape professional, Chris was born into an eastern Pennsylvania landscape company.  His father, a PA Board Certified Master Arborist and Forester, trained Chris, along with his brothers, through adult hood.  The family often jokes about the family motto: "born to dig", which has brought both jest and backache.  Chris' mother is a horticulturist, landscape designer and commercial applicator in Lincoln County, Montana and is an integral part in Chris' approach to noxious weed control through continuing education. 


Honest and hard-working, Chris' expertise has developed into a holistic approach to property management.  From the residential town house/postage-stamp yard and flower beds, to the great expanse of the prairies and high timber of Montana's back country, Chris knows what it takes to sustainably manage our properties in our beautiful state.

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